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My very first pee clip - HD

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Emmas Secret Life

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398 5.0
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Emmas Ass Whore - Top reviewer Feb 4
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Extremely cute video of emma peeing! The way she is so nervous and her giggles throughout the video are so so adorable!!!

lol thank you! 😘

zacharyr122 Jul 26 2016
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One of the best pee videos on here. Natural talent, can't wait for more.

Awe thank you so much for your review! I will be sure to do another pee video soon! 😘

Unmasked - I have serious stage fright when it comes to peeing in front of people but I really wanted to do this so I held my pee for hours, almost to the point of hurting. I sit down in a chair and spread my legs and get stage fright again. I get a look of concentration on my face and finally am able to pee. I have gotta say it sprayed pretty far and I am really proud of myself and the size of my piss puddle