DANA DEARMOND eats 6 loads SpermCocktail

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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
406 5.0
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Mattlovesyou19 Jun 10 2017
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Absolutely amazing gorgeous babe who can handle her loads

Brandon Iron Jun 10 2017

Thank you for the feedback, Mattlovesyou19!  Glad you enjoyed Dana's vid! Cheers! (V))

bose89 Mar 13 2017
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One of the best videos out there. Also for an amazing and affordable price.

Brandon Iron Mar 13 2017

Thank you for the feedback, bose89!  I'm glad you enjoyed Dana's vid!  Cheers to you! (V))

The Internet's Girlfriend models a sexy cat lingerie outfit and enlists the help of Jazz Duro to prepare her ass for some fun. Blowjob. Cock worship. Anal. Ass to mouth. Hair pulling. Deep throat. Face fuck to pop in her mouth. Swallow. That was the appetiser. Bring on the main course! 5 more cocks get drained. The 3 black gentlemen and 2 white gentlemen blast thick white loads for Dana to savour. She collects cum on a black plate and sucks it up with a straw. In Dana's words, "It's so thick. It's like chunky soup." Not a drop gets wasted before Dana says, "My compliments to the chefs." Top level cum eating from a top level performer.