19 Year Old Hairbrush Fuck

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774 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Aug 20
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Lonely Mary Sweet is so horny and she is wonderfully cute! The first third has her talking and the last two thirds have her masturbating with her friendly hairbrush. She is embarrassed and a little red faced through out (not sure that's acting), but she looks great as she ORGASMS with gusto!! Well done role play with authentic climactic action!

We've been talking online for almost a year! And I finally got a webcam for my 19th birthday so you can finally see me! But maybe I want you to see more than just my face. I giggle and show off my body for you, and suck on the handle of my hairbrush before I get so turned on by you watching me that I put it in my tight teen pussy! You'd better be masturbating with me, too! Let's hope my mom doesn't catch us!