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Dirty Hot Wife

Greek / Canada
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I usually do not get to drive, but today I do get the opportunity to drive to another city .....dressed in a mini skirt and this hot high heeled clogs ...we start from the beginning to a day long up skirt tease my partner and I get ready to go he hands the keys over and off we go ...With no panties on .....he asks to see my hairy bush ....I spread my legs to show him my bush ....being ratified in my appearance and my attire ..we leave our flat...head down the hall...down the elevator with a good up skirt, then to the car......he loves my sexy feet in these heels...the make my legs look great ...not only that calf muscles look amazing ...I am still proud of my body at a ripe age of 50......I get in the car ...legs spread with my skirt hied up around my waste.....start the car ..and give it the gas ....he teases me about feeling the power it turns me on ..hearing the motor roar and it gives the feeling of being in control and powerful .....follow up on our journey ....and I drive to our destination ..the entire journey my legs are spread exposing my hairy bush ....focus on my feet in those sexy shoes ....traveling down the highway listening to music.