Devotion of virgin in chastity



Latvian / Poland
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CUSTOM REQUEST: I'm a shy virgin with a 4 inch penis. I'm rather self conscious about the size of my penis but I have gotten comfortable enough with you to finally show it. You will be my very loving girlfriend. You would start by getting naked and telling me to jerk my little dick. Just keep emphasizing on that you love my little cock. After a bit start showing your beautiful ass and telling me how my little cock wouldnt even get pass your ass cheeks. Then you would go on how you would have no problem suck on all 4 inches of my cock. Even saying you could probably lick my balls while you give me a blow job. Half way through you start talking about your chastity fetish and how you want to lock me and keep me as your virgin. Telling me how love that fact that I am a virgin and I have such a cute little penis. And how you want to make me a better lover for you. So you continue to encourage me but you don't want me to cum. You want to turn my balls to the darkest shade of blue and then put a birdlocked chastity cage on me. At end of the video you would kiss my little locked up cock and blue balls. Also telling me that I will be your virgin forever. Would you also say my name during the video, it's Nik. And would also wear a key on necklace.