Foot Torture: Whip and Wax

352 5.0

Lily Allegro

American / New York
352 5.0
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Very good video if you're looking for this specific fetish, but don't expect anything too intense.

First of all, Lily has amazing feet and I've never seen such beautiful and soft looking feet tortured.
The torture itself was well done, especially if that really was her first try at bdsm related content. Just don't expect to see anything extreme (it's rather light) and you'll be pleased.

Of course there is room for improvement, especially when it comes to the flow of the video. A little too slow for my taste and you can tell the pair wasn't experienced in such activities.

Overall, Lily did an awesome job and I can recommend buying and watching this video. Hopefully that's not the last video on the topic that we'll see from her.

OH NO, Lily is tied up in a warehouse and has her feet whipped and covered in wax. This was my first bdsm type video that I made last Halloween, hoping to make more in the future.
Will you cum in my panties please
Lily Allegro
American / New York
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