Long Time Penpals Share A Shower

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2,921 5.0
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Both so sexy. Wish I could join you both. ♥

Ghostdragon Jul 29 2016

Left a note cause the link (& a search) for happylilcamgirl didn't go to her page. Deleted it because I found her: www.manyvids.com/Profile/539821/Helena73/

robwill Jul 2
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Erin is great! This was a fun and sexy video!! Would highly recommend it along with other videos from this awesome lady!

Helena (happylilcamgirl.manyvids.com) and I have been penpals since we were eleven- now we're rubbin' soap on each other's butts! Woah! Crazy. Get a glimpse at our genuine personalities, our real life interactions. Watch us get clean and be complete and total dorks. It is beautiful.