Sister gags your mouth with worn panties


AJ Jupiter

American / California
9:53 min - Jul 26 - .MP4 - 624.21 MB


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Your sister was in your room looking for dirty laundry she could throw in the wash, and she certainly found some, but not what she was expecting. She shows you all the dirty panties of hers she found in your room, and you've never seen her so disgusted. She laughs at you that you didn't even hide it that well. What were you doing with your sisters worn panties? Smelling them, putting them on your dick? Wearing them? Well whatever you were doing, now you're going to taste them! She wads up pair after pair, white ones, black ones, leopard print, lace, satin, and shoves them over and over again into your mouth. She doesn't care that you're gagging or coughing, you better start swallowing them because she isn't finished yet!