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Electra introduces herself with a very heavy Latin accent. Pulls her dress up over her head & we see that she had no bra on. Average C cups with substantial nipples. We zoom in on the right nipple. She pushes her boob together & holds them there. Turns around for an ass view & we see that her panties are quite transparent. Wiggles her right tit. Same in slow motion. Running in slow motion. JUmping in slow motion. She is wearing a blue tube top. Jump & wiggle combo while smiling. Also in slow motion. Jumping Jacks in slow motion. Jumping Jacks at the normal camera speed. Jumping & turning. Leans forward for a side to side boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. Slow motion side to side boob wiggle while leaning forward. With her butt towards us she leans forward for rearward boob view between her legs. Pulls down her panties & we see a pussy with a bit of hairy stubble. A slow squat to the ground. A super closeup of the pussy. She is wiggling her legs nervously as we try to zoom in for more closeups. Now flat on her back pushing her boobs together. Wiggling them as though boob juggling. Raises her legs into a "V" for a different pussy view. Spreads her pussy lips for an even nicer pink view. Touches her clit. Plays with her pussy spread as wide as possible. Pussy closeup in a full spread mode. Pussy flexing. A really wide spread that fully shows the opening to her pussy. MUltiple variations on how you can spread a pussy (maybe she has done this before) but I bet not for a camera. Slow motion pussy flexing. Fabulous control. On her hands & knees with the pussy not spread. Some more flexing, but more than anything we see flexing of her entire pussy asshole region. A standing pussy spread. Some more flexing. Pats her pussy. Fingers doing more spreads. These spreads however were done more with the outer lips so it is a different kind of view. WIggles & gyrates her hips. Nipple flicking. Lifts & drops both boobs at the same time. Same in slow motion. Colliding boobs in slow motion. Some once stretches of her arms. Tries to wiggle her boobs the muscles under her boobs. Marginal success in that area. Double nipple flicking. Removes the blue tube top over her boobs & tosses it. PUts on a red black & silver top that is almost long enough to be a dress. First pops the boobs out of the top, then covers them up again. Plays with her nipples pinching them. Brings the nipples close together. A rapid boob shake alternating left & right. Can not resist to give her pussy a little love pat. Still in her red black & silver patterned with hearts top. Exposes her right boob & then jumps up & down for a one boob wiggle. Same in slow motion. With the top over both boobs we try to see if she can jump high & hard enough to pop her boobs out. Moderate success. We switch to a very flimsy see-thru bra fro some slow motion jumping. Same in slow motion. We loosen the bra straps a bit more & then take them off her shoulders & they really let loose. Sitting with her legs spread, she exposes her pussy again. Outer pussy lips stretch. A big triangular stretch. Another super close pussy flexing view. Same in slow motion. Removes the bra & poses with it, then tosses it. Laying on her back with rapid back & forth movement, we see her boobs in slow motion undulating beautifully. Stands up, blows us a kiss waves goodbye with both hands & walks off the set. FULL HD version of the ENTIRE session.