Foot Fetish Bratty Blonde Leather Teases

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Brittany Lynn is looking as sexy as ever as she is in a leather outfit that has holes all over it. She is showing off her sexy feet and starts off by looking at you and flipping you off as she sarcastically thanks you for the money. She tells you straight away that you are pathetic and that you are a loser, and her plan is to make you realize how worthless you are while she teases you with her prefect feet. In true bratty girl fashion she starts off with the foot shame knowing that you have a big foot fetish. She knows that her actions are making you hard, and the sick part is that her shaming of you is making you even harder. She touches on how you are not only sick and twisted, but how you are a closet freak. All who know you think you are normal, but she knows better. In fact, she knows all about you, even that you are a sissy at heart and like cock. The entire time Brittany Lynn is teasing and tormenting you she is showing off her sexy feet. She arches her soles and shows off her sexy French Tip toenails. She knows what you are and how to control you with her foot shaming. Her sexy feet control you while they shaming you and she knows you will spend more and more money on her because you have to. She then ends where she began, by flipping you off. She tells you to fuck off one last time driving home the fact that she knows you are a sissy loser bitch. Included in this clip: Foot Shame, Foot Fetish, Foot Worship, Leather Fetish, Bratty Girls, Financial Control, Sissy Training, Foot Arches, Foot Soles, Barefoot, Toenail Fetish, Blondes, Brittany Lynn