How the Fox got her Tail

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54 5.0
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Entertainer33 - Top reviewer Sep 1 2016
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You're wandering along down a deserted road. You're confused as to how you arrived here, since the last thing you remember was going to bed. Nonetheless, you are now in a rural countryside, and the sun is slowly beginning to set. You continue forward, unsure, uncertain if that is how you proceed. Suddenly a rustle of leaves draws your attention to the side of the road. From the shadows between some bushes, a set of sparkling, sea blue eyes stares at you. They somehow beckon you closer, and you stop in your travels to turn and slowly creep towards the side of the road. As you approach the bushes, a set of orange ears peeks over the branches. Is this a fox before you?

The mysterious creature sprints from its hiding place, back into the forest. You are compelled - no, driven - to give chase, bounding through bushes and past the trees. You can barely make out the shape of the figure as it pounces ahead of you. It's coat has an orange sheen, it's ears are perked upwards, but it seems to have no tail. What pulls you forward, you do not know. Something in its eyes, something in it's gaze tells you that you must meet this being. Seconds pass into minutes, minutes into hours as you follow this spirit of the forest deeper and deeper into the green of the wilds. After what seems an eternity, you break through the bushes and the trees and find yourself in an open glen.

The stars have begun to shine, night has fallen, and the fireflies dance around you. Atop a small knoll lays the fox, yet it seems different than its shape would have led you to believe. This fey being is no longer merely animal, but somehow human. More to the point, she is a woman, made of beauty, grace, and power. She smiles at you. You gulp deeply, taken in by the lovely sight. You find yourself making a comfortable place to sit... and you watch...

She slyly turns around and begins to tempt you with her gorgeous hind end. She spanks herself with a branch, cups her luscious cheeks, and spreads herself before you. Suddenly, she plays with her most secret of holes, and seems to be mere fancy - by magic itself - to make her tail appear. It brings both you and the fox pleasure and happiness. This is not the end of your night of dreams, of passion. It is only the beginning...

Hardy84 - Top reviewer Aug 17 2016
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Very hot woman,i love it! :)

A great video for ass lovers! Spanking, ass shaking, butt plug insertion, and pussy play, too. Paisley is quite the foxy lady