Pin Dick Problems

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Even though I find your tiny dick utterly pathetic, the fact that you are really as tiny as you are is almost unbelievable. I mean not only do you have the smallest dick I have ever seen in my life by far, but I honestly struggle to find things that I can use as a comparison to your dicklette when I am telling my girlfriends how pathetic you are for a laugh. Speaking of girlfriends, I was getting ready to go out with my hot friends when I realized that even my lip gloss dwarfs your tiny little dick! In fact, I had to go through my entire purse in order to find something that might be smaller that you! The most pathetic part is that any dick less than 6 inches is small and belongs in a pair of panties. At 1 inch, even pathetic 5 inch dicks are enormous compared to your minuscule member. Let's just stop the charade today loser, from now on we are just going to keep you in panties at all times and you can just be one of the girls that I gossip to after my satisfying dates with real men!