Dirty Talking JOI & Countdown to Cum

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1,474 5.0
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MistressGeisha Jun 25 2017

thank you for the reviews!

rosaluxemburg - Top reviewer Jun 30
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gorgeous and intensely intimate

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Mistress Geisha voice is so beautiful , her voice is so beautiful . She is really descriptive , so much detail in her JOI ! Such a great countdown :)

lars06 - Top reviewer Jun 18 2017
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your JOI vids are amazing.
I'm looking forward to more in the future :D

sicko1 - Top reviewer May 5 2017
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only 2 words can come close to accutately describe this video: Holy Fuck!

jarya5 - Top reviewer Aug 29 2016
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Sexy joi from Geisha! The way she describes all the things she'd do, it's impossible not to imagine it. She looks so fucking gorgeous in her bra and panty set as well.

chrispbacon_88 deleted - Top reviewer Aug 25 2016
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Nice JOI as she tells you what to do and what she wishes you were doing to her. Great dirty talk.

I love JOI and love showing you how good I am with the words that flow out of my mouth. Talking dirty to you making you nice and hard for me. At the end doing a countdown to your orgasm so you can blow your load for me. Come and find out all the naughty things that come out of my mouth ;D
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