Baby Girl First POV

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1,934 4.9
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cellardoor Jun 27 2017

I hope you do more daddy videos in the future!

megafauna Jul 29 2016

So excited that Erin's got a Manyvids now, she's Doooooooooope

ChildeDeschain Jul 25 2016
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Often I've seen women just going through the motions when it comes to blowjob videos with a dildo, but it's wondrous how believable Erin makes this. If only I had someone this lovely looking at me with eyes like hers!

scboy123 Jul 29 2016
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This video is super hot. Erin has a great little body and her eyes and expressive face are just perfect. She is very....very....very convincing. Absolutely worth the price.

RandomPerv Jul 28 2016
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Her best video. Such a tight, hot body. Sexy voice. Big bright eyes looking up at you during the blowjob. Wish my wife would blow me like that. Wish she showed more of her ass because she has a really nice one too. But great POV video.

maxlovesbigbutts deleted - Top reviewer Feb 27 2017
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wordswithwords Aug 3 2016
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Erin gives those who love eye contact a real thrill as she POV services a dildo, and man can men (or women) get lost in those eyes. The little moans and heavy breathing will make your heart race while her other attributes will provide alternate locations for that racing heart to deliver blood. It's a great video, and worth the buy.

I_AM_VIKING Aug 2 2016
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If you have a thing for eyes, buy this video now. Erin's eyes are big and beautiful. The eye contact throughout the video is entrancing. And the personality and charm are adorable. I would have liked to see more ass, but I'm just nitpicking. Just buy it. Now.

Deedeedee Feb 16 2017
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The dildo riding was great and all, but the thing I really loved was the eye contact! The daddy talk was a nice touch too. All in all this video is absolutely amazing.

elmzingb Aug 5 2016
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I'm... speechless... omfg that was so intense, absolutely brilliant video, girl - you are AMAZING!

JL_Ninja Feb 18 2017
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This was fantastic. the eye contact was great, would have loved to hear more dialogue, however definitely not worth knocking it down a star. overall satisfied

Baby girl Erin puts on her one piece and gets in the bath with you. She's truly a daddy's girl. She wants to be a good girl, but she's so bashful and easily distracted, she loves how the water feels and wants to splash. But, damn, she does love daddy's dick, too... Her INTENSE EYE CONTACT all through out the video will keep you solid as a rock, desperately wishing you really could fuck all of her tiny little holes. The video ends with Erin riding her dildo for the first time, cumming hard and quick- she's clumsy, but she's cute so we'll let her get away with it this time. Just a light spanking, maybe