Sexy and talented feet tease and please


Brock Doom

American / West Hollywood, CA
3:00 min - Jul 24 - .MOV - 417.11 MB - 1280x720 HD


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My extremely sexy and bad ass pal, Cadence St. John, seduces me with her incredible allure and sleek feline moves. She's like the ultimate punk rock version of Catwoman. Her sexy eyes lock in, as her dainty and perfect bare feet slowly dance around me in the air. Her shiny black toe nails glisten under the mood lighting, and I touch and feel her wonderful feet one at a time just imagining what they could do as they glide over me. Cadence is so sexy in this clip, that you'll be sure to get all hot and bothered by it! For serious foot fetish, foot fucking, and foot play lovers, and of course, fans of this super famous alt model herself... Sexy is an understatement!