Reverse Arousal While Getting Dressed

20:15 min - Jul 24 - .MP4 - 1.03 GB


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Solo female edging video, watch as Lilly follows these instructions: 1. Start by bringing yourself to a ruined orgasm as quickly as possible. 2. Take a 2 minute break - play with your nipples, rub your body - no pussy touching. 2. Put on your bra. 3. Bring yourself to the edge and stop. 4. Take a 2 minute break, same as before. You may play under your bra, but not remove the bra. 5. Put on your panties. 6. Play with your pussy/clit under your panties until you are near the edge, but not fully there. 7. Take a 2 minute break, same as before, but you may not touch underneath your bra or panties. 8. Put on your top. 9. Over your panties only, play with your clit until you get just slightly past the point where you would really start building to an edge. 10. Finish getting completely dressed - put on your skirt and any accessories/extras. 11. Show off the cute outfit you’ve put on. 12. Under your skirt but over your panties, play with your clit until slightly past when it first starts to feel good/frustrating. Lilly finishes by humping a pillow, frustrated and trying desperately to orgasm to no avail