Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
27:02 min - Jul 24 - .MP4 - 1.53 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Cute, petite and barely legal is the best way to describe ANGELICA KITTEN. There's something naughty about the strap of her thong appearing to asphyxiate her Hello Kitty tattoo on her right hip but I'm too distracting by the swaying of her ass cheeks as she crawls on the floor picking up coins. Five big-dicked dudes are waiting for her at the end of her money trail and she services them all with a smile. Cock worship. Oral servitude. Working her way down the line of gentlemen, giving each one individual attention. More sucking leads to 5 sticky facials. I made a point of rushing the guys out of the apartment so I could persuade Angelica that the job was not finished. She had already changed into her street clothes and it's obvious what a normal teenager she really is. I have her undress slowly for me so I can really appreciate her tight body. Full C-cup tits look wonderful. I look down, past her belly piercing and flat stomach, to her cute frilly underwear. She takes them off and I ask her to turn around and spread her ass for me. POV cock worship. A little foot play. I bust my nut on her clean, washed, no-makeup-on face. I was at the end of my sex tour in Prague and I was spent. It was all I could do to squeeze one last load out of my worn out cock. For me, Prague will always be the capital of the Chick Republic. Good times!