Freebie Tuesday

Frissky and Feissty outdoors splosh

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elli0t84 - Top reviewer Nov 4 2016
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There aren't many things I love more than a hot naked girl rubbing messy goodness onto her naked body. But one thing that's even better is TWO girls rubbing said goodness on EACH OTHER! My personal favorite parts are the kissing (with mouthfuls of cake and whipped cream, of course!) and rubbing the frosting into each others' feet. But really, this video is great from beginning to end!

In this clip we join Frissky and Feissty together in the Arizona desert. They waste no time jumping straight into the cake, smearing it all over with a little of my coaching, and then covering one another in whipped cream. After the whipped cream play, Frissky takes a seat in the cake and wiggles about while her friend eats it off of her. They then trade places and Feissty gets to try out some cake sitting action as Frissky fondles her from behind. The mess making continues as we get shots of both of them from behind as they bend over and make messes together. Out comes the icing for some drawing action, and of course eating off of one another. The mess making then heads down to the feet as they cover each other with whipped frosting from a can. The girls then pull out the orange-soda syrup and cover up with it. It looked hot but we later found out was DIFFICULT to clean up. More licking ensues, and then out come the sprinkles. Once the girls are all nice and sprinkly, they decide to get out the milk to shower each other off. You can hear them squeal about how cold it is as the wind blows while they rinse. After the rinse, I give them the traditional frosting facial, which they share in a passionate kiss.
Afton Marie sploshing abandoned house
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