Fucked for Late Rent - B/G Sex Roleplay

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1,186 5.0
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small1sh Oct 21 2016

You can Ben late with me too!

peecee2 - Top reviewer Sep 21 2016
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A perfect example of why membership or subscribing to Lilly's own site is so rewarding, as she frequently incorporates ideas from other vids that become themes. This brings together a whole range of kinks and fetishes into a very hot fantasy. :)

lskippyl deleted - Top reviewer Jul 30 2016
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One of my favorite videos on ManyVids

Lilly lays on her bed, rubbing her pussy through her sporty blue one-piece swimsuit. She pulls the material against her clit, moaning. It feels so good that she doesn't hear someone approaching outside the door, and is completely caught off guard when her roomate comes in. She blushes, doing her best to reposition the swimsuit while still caught up in near-orgasmic feelings. "What? Oh- You want rent? I know, I know its late again." She pauses, realising what he wants, seeing his hard cock and eyes roaming over her body in the swimsuit. "You want me to... have sex with you to make up for it?" She has thought about him fucking her, but never imagined it being in this sort of situation. Still... her clit is still sensitive to the feel of the swimsuit, and looking at his hard cock again she feels her pussy getting even wetter. She's never had sex wearing a swimsuit before, but all of a sudden she doesn't want to take it off. The idea of pulling it to the side and his cock sliding into her is so enticing, "Okay." Video includes intro solo masturbation, blowjob, fuck from behind, and Lilly on her back at the edge of the bed - finishing with a cumshot to her stomach and her playing with the cum, all while wearing the one-piece swimsuit.