Small dick takeover

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The government has issued a state of emergency! Small dicks are taking over the world! As you flip on your TV you get a news update from yours truly on what we need to do to rid this world of these useless insignificant tiny dicks! We must come together as a Nation and rebuild the huge cock population! You must let your girlfriend/wife have sex with any Large dick she comes across for the sake of humanity! We MUST extinguish all the tiny dick losers out there! no orgasm is safe with tiny dicks! women can not keep faking their orgasms with these minuscule dick wanna bes! The government has passed a new law, any tiny dick found must be locked up and put in panties! So go now and report any tiny dicks you see to the proper authorities! there is no time to waste! we can't risk these pindicks breeding and spreading their small dick syndrome! There is still hope.