Sexual Deviants III: Tammie Madison

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In the third installment of cam model Tammie Madisons training, Tammie is made to edge. She is spanked and cropped and has to beg for an orgasm. Tammie is restrained with ropes, naked and exposed. She has a bit in her mouth and is spanked on her bare ass. Tammie is still a very disobedient sub. She still has a long way to go in her training. Watch as she defies orders when she thinks her master is not looking. Tammie is made to edge using her very powerful hitatchi wand. She begs to be allowed to orgasm, but she is denied, repeatedly, until she is a soaking, wet, and sexually frustrated mess on the table. The Sexual Deviants Series presents you with the hottest fresh faces in the adult business. We bring you cam models and xxx pornstars as you have never seen them before. The Sexual Deviants Series is a kink and BDSM extravaganza. Expect lots of spanking, controlled orgasms, rope and restraints, wax play, nipple clamps and bondage equipment. Contains: BDSM, Submission, Spanking, Brat, Vibrator, Edging, Dildo Fucking, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Cum, Oil 21:21