Abridged:Tranny flexing w erect oiled up

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This is "Abridged" version of the Full version. I would say this is all you need. When I watched the full version it felt like I'm kinda "suckered in" the video and I could just SMELL the dick and the big sperm load, it was just so dick-y, BACON-y, sperm-y (these need to become real words!) I was afraid if I edit it down, the effect that I could just smell the dick would be lost but I think it could be the opposite with more aggressive editing it maybe works even better...! I have repeatedly got requests of selling used panties (but I'm not sure of logistics of that) but this comes very close as a good substitute! :D Idk, maybe it's the HD video or the "candle lit" lighting but you will feel like you can SMELL it! Dick, bacon, SPERM! Video description: Erect cock has come out of the panties [can be seen in "Video preview"] I move closer and ask "should this be moisturized too...?" (Note: audio is very quiet but I didn't bother to edit it because if there is any talking it's very random, there wasn't actually planned any talking, there are no loud noises so it's possible to simply crank up the volume if u want to hear the occasion random sh-t I'm saying) Leaning back on the bed great "in your face" view of cock and big nutsack. [shown in gif] Cock has become throbbing hard, I spread some oil on my arm and flex [shown in gif] then I spread some oil on the other arm and flex, but cock has been neglected...! Let's correct this and gently rub more olive oil on the head and the underside of the shaft... (And I think here we already reach a point of no return... If you like the "mind control parasite" angle you can kind of think of it that way, I'm not sure how I feel about that tho, b/c things like that are supposed to be fantasy/RP but here it happens for real...! "C'mon I will spread just a little more oil over my shaft and then I'll get back to flexing. :D OK, maybe just a little bit more..." Cock and overfilled balls basically hijacking a flex video, lol) Couple of shots with nice nutsack views (when I was still telling myself that I'm going to flex some more, lol) One where I reach to take a sip of water, and when I lean forward nutsack gets kind of squeezed but because it is so saggy the balls have "where to escape". And the moment of reaching for mouse and starting to click through porn :D where I think "fuck it I want to stroke and I want to SHOOT!" I left the porn clicking unedited cause I loved how you can see how the low hanging nutsack "contracts"/scrunches up - the balls contract closer to the shaft. ...you know what this means. Cock goes throbbing with that firm firm cockhead, couple of times I look sideways (where cam preview is) gasping, like some feeble attempts at trying to "post pone it" lol you wish! Suddenly my thighs change position from that relax laying on the bed position, hilarious "I am about to cry" look on the face. Sperm shoots. First shot -two jets, one forward and one on the dress forearm, another shot - landing on hand [shown in gif] another smaller squirt landing on hand and another squirt... Then not squirt but pump which probably ran along the other side of the dick. Squirting has ended but the faces actually turn even more hilarious/retarded looking :D It's been some good 5 seconds since shooting stopped but if you look at the "triangle" where scrunched up balls meet shaft - it's pulsating...! Or convulsing. As the convulsing stops I lean forward and you can see that just 1 or 2 seconds after convulsing has stopped the balls drop! Maybe not super low hanging but you can see like snapping with fingers. What was the thing? Balls like to be slightly cooler to produce lots of sperm... Could this mean that literally 2 seconds after my shaft stopped convulsing they are in high gear AGAIN? To make me unable to focus if I forget to ejaculate for longer than a day...??? I get closer to the cam, my shaft is still pointing up but the head is soft now, I squeeze out any last drops, my hands are just drenched in sperm... I think for the first time I have made such a mess on my lap, looking at that mess you will just be able to SMELL it! And want to climb into the video and suck out the last drops from my shaft and lick it off from everywhere...! When I'm done playing with the wet mess that I've made it seems that I "come to senses" and finally "remember" that this was supposed to be a flexing video, lol. So there's a bit more flexing. As it fades out there's a slo-mo replay of the sperm shots which looks very good and smooth.