Shiny Pantyhose Dress Hitachi for Orgasm

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A smoking hot blonde comes out in the living room wearing a tight white club dress, Converse sneakers, and a pair of shiny pantyhose. She immediately starts to tease and tempt you with her outfit, but primarily focuses on her pantyhose as she knows this drives you wild. She offers a number of views, including upskirt and leg crossing, and every pose she does is done in an effort to get your cock hard. She is in a chair, standing, and even on the floor showing off her pantyhose for you. Suddenly, she then declares she can't help herself and goes off to get something. When she returns she is holding her cordless Hitachi vibrator and starts to use it on her pantyhose covered pussy right away. She is obviously enjoying herself as her facial expressions are simply over the top. You can tell she is building herself up to a huge orgasm. When she does cum her look is almost outrageous and is a mix of shock, surprise, and pleasure. She cums so hard in fact that she can barley take it. She stands quickly and tries to regain her composure, but it is no use. She then hits the wall and slides slowly down it, revealing her sexy and shiny pantyhose even more. Once at the bottom she has her dress totally flipped up with her pantyhose there for you to see and she closes her eyes as she seems to go out for the count thanks to her pantyhose fun she just had with you. Included in this clip: Pantyhose, Shiny Pantyhose, Club Dress, Tight Dress, Upskirt, Converse, Sneaker Fetish, Masturbation, Hitachi, Orgasms, Silly Faces, Outrageous Faces, Posing, Blondes