In Love with Dakotas Asshole

8:20 min - Jul 25 2016 - .MP4 - 304.78 MB

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Layla has been waiting for the chance to use her hands (and tongue) on Dakota for a long time now... and today she gets her chance! Exploring her tight pink asshole with her tongue, and pulling it wide open so she can get her powerful tongue in her deeper! This is a brand new thing for Dakota, and she is nervous at first... But soon, she understands why Layla must like it... it feels GOOD! Dakota's pussy gets soaking wet as Layla tongue fucks her pink puckered hole! Spreading her asscheeks wide to give a perfect view of her open pink asshole, Layla works her talented tongue in even deeper, this time making Dakota cum all over Layla's face. Embarrassed that she just had a big orgasm from having her butt licked. Everyone seems to agree that was hot, and will definitely need to happen again!