Florida Teacher FIRED Over This Sex Tape

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jreigns deleted - Top reviewer Aug 12 2016
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guy is horrible but the girl is average looks, maybe they fired her for that, for an english teacher, a degree and all that not knowing this was a bad idea and these guys were losers but mustve offered a lot of money goes to show you moneys buys knowledge but not the kind that keeps you from literally FUCKING up your life for no reason what so ever. stupid little whore. great wall trick tho

Where were these high school teachers when I was in school back in the day! Yes, its true ladies and gents this teacher was terminated after filming this nasty XXX BBC sex tape with yours truly and its a fucking classic! We hung out all day long, took showers together, and let Mr's XXXXXX have her first BBC threesome!!! God Bless Florida MILF sluts!!!