Its sexual organ tingles, it wants to

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...SQUIRT SPERM! You may remember Gyul from Dreadful shemale executioner shoots ... again and again. It is so nasty but you would want to lick it head to toe or should it be toe to head? When I say "head" you know exactly what I mean ;)Court officials have brought Gyul to a ball. It found a more quiet spot on a sofa facing an unset table but the table has table cloth on and the edges of the table cloth are kind of crocheted you can peep through the holes. Because the table is long you could crawl under the further end and then crawl to the end facing Gyul unnoticed. Will you sneak some good upskirt views under its mini dress!? :D It didn't have to execute anyone today, it is wearing its executioner cap/hood but is it wearing the crotchless shemale executioner panties? It crosses and uncrosses its legs but you didn't get a good view you nead to lean lower. Oh yeah! You catch a view of Gyul's crotch! It's bare, Gyul is going commando under its mini dress...! You can observe its trimmed beaver... Wouldn't Gyul be too dumb to trim its beaver...? This raises questions... Maybe the court officials have a barber come and shave Gyuls legs and trim its beaver to keep it groomed...? Does Gyul demand a happy ending from the barber!? Like when the barber is done he would spread oil on Gyul's legs... Gyul could get angry if the barber doesn't *ahem* provide full service...! The court officials have really done a good job training Gyul to behave more lady-like as at first it didn't even want to walk on two legs but it is unlikely that Gyul could groom its beaver like that being a shemale that has grown up in the wild without any human contact... As Gyul is sitting there it's acting kind of restless looking at something... Crossing and uncrossing its legs... What is it looking at? Did it notice a handsome guy that is making Gyul restless? It probably has its special Gyul purse somewhere outside view with the special liquid that makes you fall asleep, Gyul would have to just sneak behind the guy and have the liquid poured on a cloth and then put it on his nose and mouth and the job would be done! What if it's the son of some super-important hot shot governor? Gyul doesn't give a fuck, it does what it wants, that would be for the court officials to clean up... But it can't do it because there are just too many people on the ball room floor... Just too many witnesses... But its sexual organ is tingling [suddenly it cuts to a 1st person POV of Gyul looking down at its crotch, are you excited!? :D We get to be Gyul even if just for 30 seconds, I am excited!] Its sexual organ tingles even though it's not erect, touching against the soft ballsack spilling over the sofa makes it tingle pleasantly. Gyul attempts to roll over the foreskin over the glans to stop this tingling and crosses it's legs but as soon as the legs are crossed it makes the glans "pop out" of the foreskin... it's just no use... You see Gyul squatting down beside the sofa - its erect sexual organ is pointing up, you can see in its eyes that are looking in the distance that it is taking great pleasure in touching its organ...! Suddenly two big shots of sperm squirt out of its sexual organ in different directions, then a smaller squirt that lands on its stomach, another and another... Probably 5 squirts most of them landing on its beaver! It gets up to examine the big wet mess [here when I looked at my trimmed bush which was just soaked in sperm I gasped something like "omg", let's pretend that didn't happen :D because Gyul never learned to speak although maybe Gyul has learned to imitate specific phrases and maybe it can say "omg"?] Gyul exposes its sperm soaked beaver as it squats, its shemale executioner PVC heels make these kind of squeaky, kind of crackling sounds that PVC fake leather makes... Perhaps it tried to dry its beaver just a bit to just pull down its mini dress and just go back to the ball room floor!? Can you imagine the subtle but strong smell of sperm that this would give off... All the guys would go crazy and they wouldn't know why! Gyul definitely adds special "air" to every ball it visits! :) (As the video fades out there is a 4x slo-mo replay of the cumshot, the frame rate looks very good again and the slow-mo replay looks very smooth, this is also what is featured in the preview gif)