Sperm garden fountain 3 ruined orgasms

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1,305 5.0
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The most totally sexual, and yes.....uncontrolled......violent ejaculations, your beautiful cock has ever released.  To watch it say, "No.....I will not stop!  I will empty these full swollen balls, all on my own!"  Such incredible footage!  I will be cumming over and over, again and again......so completely unable to stop myself from watching your cock shooting so beautifully hard......uncontrolled streams of deliciously wet jism....shooting through the air.....running down your erect shaft.....cumming from that sweetest of all cumholes in your deliciously suckable cockhead!!!!!  This time you have put me in such a frenzy to cum for you, I don't know when it will ever end!

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The most fantastic cumfest imaginable!!! Long powerful spurts of cum shooting so far.....the beautiful cock and balls left to do what they do best, all by themselves, without a hand helping them and getting in the way! Beautiful gushing spurts to dream about them splashing all over you!!!! So perfect!!!

...in a row - MINDLESS sperm squirting! Is this the best way to milk a shemale cow? Complete draining of those nuts! This is the "abridged" version because there are 3 ejaculations in this clip! (Honestly I don't think I will be publishing a less edited/"full" version, it could run in excess of 40 minutes, who can handle a 40+ min 1080p60 file? lol) I think I struck a very nice balance in this version. To make it more affordable I will add a $4 discount because the side by side real time replay of the ejaculations and the slow-mo replay is duplicate footage but it is also my #1 fave part to re-watch! :D And I mean c'mon let's try to not make you go bankrupt, lol. Men have higher protein requirements, they need sperm! This also works digitally, in an Austro-Hungarian study it was found that looking at splashy ejaculations (bonus points for shiny helmets and floppy nutsacks) decreased men's stress hormone levels and increased their happiness levels! Video description:This is my first EVER ruined orgasm and this one was completely ruined [with the later ones there was something I really liked altho the orgasms were ruined I'll tell you later] You can see the beginning of the first scene in the video preview. It tingles so good as I touch the shaft and my balls are so full! Suddenly I pull away my hand, it starts squirting, I'm moaning audibly but this was only like residual moaning from how nice it felt when I touched it, goodness knows how many big squirts, I'd say 5 big squirts, the ejaculation becomes kinda chaotic, it pumps 2 smaller pumps and you think squirting is over but then another bigger squirt (maybe the length of a cigarette kinda like that) you can hear that I've completely shut up (this was when I looked sideways to the camera preview (before I looked at porn) and was like WTF? I see it squirting in cam preview but I don't feel anything! and it keeps pumping... I take my hand away from the base of the shaft, it goes limp surprisingly fast, I flex it because I'm paranoid that not all squirted out (little did I know lol) I touch it for the first time, kinda shocked that there is practically nothing left in the shaft - usually I can squeeze out more when it goes limp... It is so completely drained, more drained than with a nice intense orgasm...? This is scary, does this mean that this is the actual fate that awaits shemale cows/bulls? No orgasms for complete draining of their nuts...!? And no orgasm means that they want to try it again and again... Falling into the trap... After the video fades out a short scene of completely soft dick and really low hanging floppy nutsack, I ask "So, let's go for another round, eh!?" A short scene of POV as if you were in front of me and looking down at my cock, Idk why I didn't do this before, nice view of pink inner foreskin, I realize that I have a pretty long inner foreskin. Dick was kinda between semi-hard and hard, it goes more limp and you can see *behind* the "crown" of the glans I recommend playing this in slow-mo as it's just a little scene of like 15 seconds. The dick is throbbing hard, I take my hand away - ridiculous squirting - it's like a garden hose. No orgasm but this time without any stimulation I could just feel the sperm violently racing through the shaft, it's not tingly orgasmic feeling but I loved it, just something primal - sperm violently shooting through your shaft and you feel it. Again a quick view of limp dick and floppy ballsack, are they in overdrive to produce more sperm? :D Let's check up on how they're doing? Here I left the build up scene a little longer (maybe 4 minutes) you can kinda see that there is struggle - the dick is hard but it kinda refuses to squirt right away but it's like you're not going anywhere I WILL make you squirt! I got a raging boner looking at that "struggle" (and yes! this is a problem that I'm still struggling with, I mean getting raging hardon when I have to watch/edit my videos it's very awkward!) Of course there was no escape for him, so he was a good boy and squirted, this was the third ejaculation of that afternoon/evening but still 3 big squirts! After it went soft super fast (and also practically nothing left in the shaft, complete drainage!) there is a short scene of kinda patting my nutsack The best part is that slight "wet" sound, like even if you didn't see it but heard the sound you would just know that it's something very pornographic. You can also imagine that it's Mister Milkmaid patting the shemale cow's/femboy bull's nuts "You have been a good little cow *pat pat*" The cow is happy for this praise from Mr. Milkmaid (the cow thinks that he's really cute and has a crush on him) but it's also very confused, Mr. Milkmaid promised that this time cow would have a nice orgasm, what happened (shemale cows are not very smart) but Mr. Milkmaid is really slick he pats it and tells it not to worry it's pretty little head. The cow thinks he must be