Binge it BIG

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You know what I love, it's when you spend big. When you blow your whole bank account on me in one hit, that makes me hot, it's makes me horny and it makes my pussy wet. Feeding your addiction on a large scale grabs my attention, gets you noticed from the rest of the herd and shows me your true devotion to your superior. Big, juicy clip orders over and over again make me smile. It demonstrates that you are an obedient sub and the possibility that you could deserve an inch of my attention. I want you to have the biggest shrine to me, have every single clip I've ever produced and have followed my every demand. To be noticed from the rest you have to show just how seriously truly loyal you are. How many clips do you have? Have you done all that I have ordered? Have you a shrine? Do you want to be my favourite little piglet? Get to work....