Capt America Bound To Suck

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Let’s all be honest for a moment, out of all the members of The Avengers team, it’s safe to say that Captain America is the “under dog” of the bunch. The other team members, are tired of picking up the slack of the star & stripped, wide eyed whimp who talks a big deal about justice; but just doesn’t have the moves to back them up! This, is a venture into the darker side of this team, as the rest of the Avengers have devised an exercise to see just how far the their fellow Avenger will go in the name of justice. Luring the naive solider to a meeting location, the team hires a hand to take down the weak Avenger with chl0roform, before tying her up and dragging her body to an unknown location. When Captain America awakens in a haze, she is faced with the reality that this all was merely a trap, and she soon learns exactly what it entails as the hire hand pulls down his trousers and gives her instructions… If Captain America desires to remain on the Avengers team and true to her red, white and blue; she must suck this hired hands cock until his ball are drained dry