Tiny dick tease

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I love teasing little dicks! It's just so easy to do! Whenever I see a itty bitty dickclit I can't help but laugh! they are so adorable and pathetic at the same time! I can't even imagine one trying to penetrate my perfectly tight pussy! that little pindick wouldn't even get past my ass cheeks lol! That's why I only let men with huge cocks pursue me. The moment I find out you have a little dick I'm out! There's no way in hell I would even consider dating a man with a little dick! They are so useless! So if you are one of those little dick losers and you're thinking about watching this clip do yourself a favor and go slip on some girly panties so you can rub your little clit to me. You and I both know this will be the closest you will ever get to my pussy. and don't even try and jerk off with one hand like a real man, you are only allowed to use two fingers, one finger preferred! just like your rubbing a clit! better yet grab your girlfriends vibrator and cum just like a girl! Happy rubbing!