265 5.0
265 5.0
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reekhon - Top reviewer Apr 30 2017
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As the review says, it's edited to show the best parts. Mia did forget to mention that she has a really cute voice/laugh though and a really nice figure.
There's a bit of dancing and joking around and so you can really see her personality shine.

Basically if you like seeing a cute girl have fun and get naked, you should definitely get this for the price. I recommend checking out her snapchat too for more of that awesome personality, I know I love it ❤

Mia_Snow May 19 2017

Oh my goodness.. thank you so much.. you definitely made me blush!! x

I've tried to edit this show to just keep the best bits of it... Me spanking myself... eating a banana.. etc. There is some masturbation at the end of the clip and full nudity.