The Big Bouncing Boobs Picnic


Maja Magic

German / Bigtittywonderland
12:21 min - Jul 25 - .MP4 - 709.73 MB


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Maja and Hubby make a picnic excursion. In the midst of a meadow in the open countryside they chill on a blanket. Maja wears a lovely summer blouse without bra, but with floral pattern and deep cleavage instead. Therefore no surprise that Hubby pulls out his camera to share the love for his wife, a long cleavage and huge naturals from different angles in a beautiful Saturday afternoon summer light, amazing enormous bouncing hangers while sitting upright and on all fours, a lot of bouncing and swinging and stripping the floral pattern blouse of course. Lucky horny farmer on the tractor with a binocular who watched from afar.