Vixen makes a cake mess in the desert



American / Arizona
4:57 min - Jul 25 - .MP4 - 91.59 MB


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Wearing some adorable rainbow fluffies, Vixen sets out to make a cakey mess of herself in the middle of the Arizona desert. She starts by taking off her top and smearing cake all over, and then removing her bottoms and smearing the brightly colored cake all over her cheeks. Out comes the whipped cream which she covers the cake in, then promptly has a seat in it, mashing it around with her adorable little ass, and continuing to smear it around. She turns around so you can see her do the same thing from behind, then stands up and has more fun with the whipped cream. Finally sitting spread legged facing the camera, she plays with the cakey mess a little more, and is then ready for me to administer the patented frosting facial. We make a huge mess of her face and tits and then she smears it some more, tasting all the goodness on her fingers. Music is Machines (Extended Mix) by Silent J.