Keds Sneaker Fetish Shoejob Cum in Shoe

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1,283 4.0
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Amiga420 Oct 30
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Would have loved to see an actual cumshot inside the shoe. Also being able to see cum on the feet and in the shoe. Apart from this, excellent video.

Brittany Lynn just got done working out and she is in her workout shorts, tight sports bra, and her Keds sneakers. She talks about how sweaty her feet are inside the sneakers as she couldn't find socks. She sees that you are on the bed already and she wants to have some fun. She lays down and starts to give you a POV blow job, but you keep looking at her sexy Keds sneakers. She finally confronts you about it and teases you a bit at first, but then tells you she wants to show you how sweaty her feet really are. With that she starts to give you a shoejob with the Keds as she offers up some dirty talk about the situation. She then takes one off and slips it on your cock so she can then give you a half shoejob half footjob. She talks about how hot the sneaker on your cock must be since her feet are so sweaty. She keeps going with the shoejob and footjob until she gets what she wants, which is your cum. Since your sneaker fetish could not be higher than it is at that moment she has you right where she wants you. In no time at all you are blowing a huge cumshot into her sneaker. Brittany Lynn then surprises you by putting the sneaker back on. She walks around and talks about how the cum feels good all mixed with her sweaty toes and feet as it squirts around in her sneaker. She loves the sneaker fetish fun you two just had and she will be back for more Keds fun with you soon. Included in this clip: Sneaker Fetish, No Socks, Blow Job, Shoejob, Footjob, Cum in Sneaker, Sneakers, Keds, Keds Sneakers, Dirty Talk, Blondes, Sweat Fetish, Sweaty Feet, Wear Shoe With Cum in It, Brittany Lynn