2 sloppy ejaculations in a row

24:10 min - Jul 26 - .MP4 - 1.21 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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jimcum Nov 22

Wow I need you win I see your huge dick I got so fucking hard please I need to suck and eat all your sperm.

Fuckgandalf Aug 27 2016

Mmm. I am cumming now

"...oiled up sloppy wet sounds, 1st big load of white sperm, second attempted "ruined orgasm turns out into intense orgasm" This video was initially planned to focus on pink in er foreskin and *maybe* do a cumshot... But instead devolved into... An oily, spermy mess... Video description: A short scene of inner foreskin [And yes I just dragged the video to the side in this scene to get rid of ugly household objects showing, lol. Sorry, but I'm too poor right now to afford the Japanese privacy curtain thing, also getting more cheap action cams is higher on my priority list so I can do multicam, but one of the bast parts about this little scene are the subtle oily, wet sounds!] First I'm tickling my frenulum (I think that's what it's called?) You know, the #1 most sensitive spot, it also is kinda droopy, like the thing on a r00ster's head(crest?) Is this why dicks are called cocks? Then I roll my foreskin over my dickhead . And... Man, it was like I could pop any moment. I have seen guys saying on the internet that foreskin is full of nerves (like Americans talking about circumcision) and I thought that it's partially BS, cause I thought the "back" foreskin doesn't really have that much sensation but maybe they're right...? Cause it just feels like this tingly, orgasmic sleeve I'm stretching over my glans, like I could pop any moment...! You also hear me gasping something like "aw man..." As in "aw man, I could pop any moment...!" For most of the dick massaging scenes the cam is pointing slightly downwards so you get views of "toe clevege". I don't really care about feet but I kinda like that toe clevegae thing, it's like you get a full frontal view of my shaft and frenulum but the feet remain half hidden in those prostitute-y PVC stilettos. After some build up with sloppy wet sounds... It POPS! A big load of thick white sperm! Maybe 1 1/2 hrs have passed but my nuts are hanging as low as possible, I start to pour oil straight from the bottle onto my thighs Another short scene of showing inner foreskin and behind the cockhead (the original intent for the video lol). This time you can really see the "penis head bumps" (according to internet they're called "pearly penile papules", Idk if I like this name lol) Personally I have a raging fetish for subtle penis head bumps, the spikes are kinda scary but if they are cute and subtle like goose bumps, it drives me crazy...! lol. Because it wasn't long after the first load even though I was horny again the dick kinda refuses to cum and I love it because massaging the shaft feels so good but there isn't the "danger" that I'm going to pop any second, it's like the dick says "fuck you, asshole! I'm not going to pop but mmm it feels so good!" Of course I know I will make it pop eventually hehe... And I did a "ruined orgasm" kind of thing where I take my hand away but as I said in the video, I guess I took it away too late? Cause I hada pretty intense orgasm with the dick flailing, first squirting, then drooling sperm, it almost looked like he's crying :D flailing around with the sperm drooling from the cockhead but he loved every second of it! It cuts to where it's gotten completely limp the sperm soaked foreskin rolled over the head and the video fades out. And for your convenience a 4x slo-mo replay of the cumshots :)