Spraying sperm w orgasm faces

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...attempt at JOI leading up to it What does "attempt at JOI" mean? Well, it means that I was too distracted wanting to massage my dick to say anything coherent, lol. Because I wanted to attempt to show what you should do on my dick but it backfired, like I said a sentence and then I thought that I said another sentence to explain it but it turned out that I hadn't actually said anything, I just thought that I said it, lol. I mention that uncut dicks can last very long and I explain reason for it: because stimulating the head turns off the dick from cumming but it doesn't make it soft, I also point out that if you want to cum you need to stimulate the shaft/foreskin (I think I wanted to point out that it's funny that stroking with your foreskin rolling up and down your glans could make you cum in seconds because it's very gentle against your glans and you get stimulation in the most orgasmic parts only (foreskin/shaft) but if you have your dick in "some wet or oily orifice" (as I put it) it would last much longer because the glans is stimulated... Basically this should be an entire branch of science but I was not too coherent because... Well... can you guess why? :D I say that we should do it like in a "wet or oily orifice with exposed glans" and massage both and that was an intense fucking orgasm! [NOT in this clip, in an upcoming clip] Do you know what is the best thing about sperm? There is always MORE! 1.5/2 hrs later I wanted to go at it again and the load wasn't smaller at all and I got a nasty fantasy on again and it was an intense fucking orgasm again, stay tuned. :D