Daddy Daughter Day: Grown Up Edition

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Today is the day that you and your daughter set aside in the week in order to bond as a family, but today.. you’ve got something else on your mind. Your wife, hasn’t been exactly very attentive in the bedroom, so when you see your pride and joy Raquel stretched out on the sofa in a short dress & pigtails; you can’t help but think you’d rather having “bonding time” here at home while her mother is out. At first, your daughter Raquel hesitates as she finds it to be wrong, your her dearest Daddy after all! Though no matter what, at the end of the day all Raquel desires is to be well behaved, so she slowly gives in to your desires. As she takes your cock into her mouth, she mumbles words of uncertainty; but these words soon disappear once you’ve got her on her back and are pounding into her tight, wet pussy! Just be sure that you hurry up before your wife gets home, you wouldn’t want her to see her daughter bent over in doggy, or better yet… filled with the accidental cream pie you just spilled into Raquel!