Freebie Tuesday

Big Feet Amazon wants to Crush you



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You are so weak and small! I am so much bigger and stronger than you! Want to be my first victim today? Are you ready to submit to me? Well, Its not like you had the choice! You know what I want to do with you, little man? I'll take you to the floor and wrap my Powerful Legs around you. I want to feel your weak little spine break under the pressure of my strong legs!You are totally overpowered. You are so scared. Yet you are growing harder and harder. Ill hold this position until you are almost ready to lose consciousness. Then Ill let you free but not for long. Im not done with you little men! I know what is your weakness! You love my Massive Size 11 Feet. Ill stand up and press my Big Dirty Feet on your face.You know that Im not done with my victims until I take all their cum! Im going to empty your balls wether you want it or not. Give all your cum! I will crush you with my Big Soles and make you explode! I have the Most Awesome Feet you've ever seen. Do you know there's a power to my feet? You are about to find out. There is no escape for you, little men!***This is the SD version of the clip.Click here to get the full HD version.