Smoking pantyhosed foot and leg lovers


VV Fetish and Femdom

American / Tampa, Florida
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THIS IS A CUSTOM CLIP, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR OWN CUSTOM VIDEO (Find email at the top of the page) Two girls that live together, one dressed in a smart dark dress, black sheer pantyhose and stiletto heels. The other also in a smart dress, sheer skin tone pantyhose and stiletto heels. The first girl walks in from work, sits down on the sofa and takes her heels off, she quickly falls asleep on the sofa with her feet up but near the edge. The other girl walks in, notices that she is asleep and sits down on the floor with her head by her feet, she's had a massive thing for her friends pantyhose feet for a long time and so begins to gently start touching them, she then decides to light a cigarette, she inhales very deeply and blows smoke all over her friends feet. She starts moving her hands higher up and starts kissing her feet. After a while she notices her friend stir and start to wake up, she gets up and sits on the sofa next to her. They sit close together legs touching. The first girl continues smoking, blowing out the smoke with audible exhales, she offers a cigarette to the other girl, she denies saying that she has quit over a month ago, the other girl is desperate to get her to smoke so she blows clouds of smoke in her face, sometimes getting really close, sometimes holding the cigarette near her mouth, it's clear that she is about to give in. She blows smoke directly into her mouth a few times then holds the cigarette to her friends mouth, she closes her eyes and drags really hard, taking her first drag in over a month. She immediately demands her own and lights it up. She then proceeds to blow smoke back into the other girls face. The first girl looks at her friends legs, compliments how sexy they look in the pantyhose and starts touching her thighs, her friend seems reluctant at first but the combination of the smoke and the softness of her hands turns her on, she takes hold of her legs and starts kissing them. It ends with both girls lying on opposite ends of the sofa legs up, kissing each others feet/legs at the same time while still smoking and blowing the smoke over each others legs.