Seduced by your step-daughters panties



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You are my mothers new lover. I noticed that you love looking at me when I have my back turned. You think I am not aware of this? You are a pervert. What do you think my mother would say about this? I know you're not my father, but you could be. You are attracted to young women and that's normal. I'm much prettier than my mother. So treat yourself! Try to resist me!I know what is your weakness! I found some of my panties in your stuff. You like sniffing my pussy juice, right? Your cock is so hard right now. Do you think I'm too young to know about these things? I may be young but I have experience. I know how to seduce men. You are so weak. I can make your cock hard and empty your balls so easily. I love taking men's cum!Maybe I can take advantage of this situation. Not that I know what's your weakness, you'll have to promise me you'll do everything I ask. You're going to help me get everything I want from my mother. Im sure she wont notice anything. You have no other choice but to obey me, otherwise I'll tell my mother about your sick perversion.You like my body dont you? Do not be shy, show me! Stroke faster and harder! I want to see you cum for me. From now on you're gonna jerk off thinking of me only. When you gonna kiss and fuck my mother you'll think of me. There is no escape for you! Your cock is under my control!