Dirty Stinky Nylon Socks Loser



Canadian / Quebec/Canada
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Ready to get to work, foot slave? Look at those nasty socks. Put your face right here and lick those clean. Your dick is rock hard right now. You love the stench and the dirt. The smell is intoxicating. It is your only purpose in life to take care of my stinky dirty socks. These socks are ready to be worshipped, they are ready to go right into your loser mouth! There is enough dirt, sweat and toe jam on my dirty socked feet to feed you for weeks! You are weak and helpless for my feet scent. Keep stroking your stupid dick as I humiliate you. There is no end to this, you are hooked forever. The only thing you want to smell in this world is right in front of your face. One day you will d1e under my big massive dirty stinky feet. It is your destiny! There is nothing you can do to escape me!