JOI While I Squirt For You



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I start out talking dirty, hoping that cock is already stiff and hard for me. We will start out by getting that cock lubed up. I just happen to suck, lick, and spit on it and lubing up every inch nice and fast. Soon I tell you how to stroke your cock as I slide vibrating dildo inside of me. It feels so good once I get it into my tight pussy, building up the anticipation for the both of us, I cannot help but squirt multiple times as I give you masturbation instructions. Once I am drained dry of squirt and hopefully got some precum leaking out of you, I ride a dildo hard and fast, still telling you how to play with yourself for me. I build up for us to cum together and even squirt one final time all over that cock before cleaning it up. I hope you made a huge mess like I did.