Codi Vore
Freebie Tuesday

Kittens Orange Viberator

155 5.0


American / Kentucky
155 5.0
3:15 min - Jul 26 2016 - .MP4 - 212.29 MB


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I love this girl. She's incredible. She happens to be drop dead gorgeous with a cute little pussy. This video is very sexy and I recommend it to everyone! I can't wait to buy some more! Maybe she can do a custom video for me <3

Blues22 Sep 3 2016
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here kitty kitty kitty! so fluffy and cute

This kitty was feeling quite naughty today and decided to use one of her favorite toys, her orange vibrator. Wearing nothing but a crotch less thong and kitten tail plug I get off several times with my vibrator! The feeling of being completely full is the best. Meow.