HOT Vintage Style Striptease Solo Fuck

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162 5.0
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Valhalladick Oct 12 2016

Is the original video turn or is it straight?

Dcboys46 Feb 23
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your atriptease was on point and i specail wish i was the guy in between ur legs watching u do all the work

Doctor Insano - Top reviewer Oct 17 2016
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Naughty1NextDoor set out to do a vintage style vid and she nailed it .I love this look so much and it is a great change of pace from her normal videos. Naughty1NextDoor takes us on a ride that we will not soon forget!The camera work in this vid is awesome I love the view from between her legs is something everyone should see.The flow of the vid is nice and smooth also the choice of music is prefect!! One of my favorite songs by the way! The music also add the erotic mood of this video. Naughty1NextDoor choice of lingerie works well with the lighting and look in this video.The way she works the dildo in and out of her mouth and pussy so sexy.So that all being said I'm tell everyone who reads this Buy this vid.I gives us everything it promises.

Wanted to do a vintage style vid...I put on my sexiest black lingerie with bondage wrist chains....stripteased to one of the HOTTEST striptease songs ever made!! Then, I climb onto my queen bed and start fingering my wet pussy to get it nice and warm before I pull out my 8" suction cup dildo and make my tiny pussy swallow the whole thing! I must have came at least 4 times during the vid! You'll get up close and personal with me, as I made it POV, as if you were between my legs lying on the bed looking up at me!