White Trash Fucked on a River Bank

5,435 4.3


American / Texas, US
5,435 4.3
9:16 min - Jul 27 - .MP4 - 536.69 MB


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Take me to the river next love. Would love to do a video with you and my thick dick.

buttguy Jan 17 2017

GEEZ What a Fit Fine Body!

Aaron1994 Dec 14 2016
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It was a nice video and i wish i could see her one day it would be fun to meet her in person

dbroncos - Top reviewer Aug 11
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a little bit of pauses throughout the vid but great stuff as usual.. =)

Jonothon62768 - Top reviewer Dec 15 2016
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Great video worth the cost.

asianboy93 Sep 27 2016
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Video freezes 5 seconds in and repeatedly thru video

Pattex755 Aug 25 2016
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Great vid! But only 4 stars, because video freezes many times for few seconds. I have tested it with four players.

Took a friend with me to the river to lay out and get all golden tan, but when I got all hot and sweaty he couldn't control himself and had to fuck me right there on the river bank....like a good white trash slut would take cock!! I sucked his thick cock in the water as people in canoes floated by, then made it to the shore so he could bend me over and fuck my little pussy in the sand!