Washing my sexy feet in a hot sunny day

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196 5.0
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OrangMahn - Top reviewer Sep 10 2016
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This is a GREAT foot fetish video. It is a simple concept, but it works very well...it's just a wide range of beautiful shots, including great close ups, of very beautiful feet. The preview captures all the shots in the video perfectly, but you can't really appreciate the beauty until you see the entire video. It is very HOT, a must buy for those with a foot fetish.

Mylene Sep 21 2016

Thank you very much, i absolutely loved shooting this one! :x

Enjoying some cold water on my feet in a hot sunny day. Tags: soles, foot fetish, toenail polish, long toes, toe fetish, toe wiggling, toenail fetish, wrinkled soles, highly arched feet