Superior Ebony Goddess Sph JOI Custom


Jennifer Aleysee

American / USA
19:19 min - Jul 27 - .MP4 - 109.91 MB - 426x240 - Stream Only


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Custom with extra scene added. He wanted me to face away from him while he groveled on his knees "sweating" and stroking his *"3 inch penis" while I made fun of how desperate he was for my ass. How pathetic yet amusing, lol. An ebony Goddess loves nothing more than to have her little jerk boys kneel beneath her and stroke to her ass and big ebony tits. So what are you waiting for little cock looser, pull out your cock and get to stroking. *First four minutes of the video was scripted by me. *(Some trance & some Fin Dom references throughout the video.)
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