Let Me Ride Your Dick Daddy

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1,687 4.0
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djbigheart Jan 20 2017
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This is a good video, she is sexy as hell. Nice body, and when she call you daddy with that sexy voice, whew!!!!! Pretty good video, will be watching for more from this lovely lady.

jreigns deleted - Top reviewer Aug 5 2016
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not bad at all...shes goood and hot when says daddy. dont see any ass till the 1:20 mark and thats till :38 mark so not very long but the vids not for ass showing so its ok. theres lots of cuting and resuming from where it left off, but i think its hot in the room she's in. not bad...not great or spectacular but not bad at all.

BigBootyQueenZ Aug 5 2016

Hi Jreigns, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. If the main reason for a 3 star rating was because you didn't see more ass besides basic editing, you should check out one of my most popular video, Riding and Doggystyle POV which focuses more on my ass. You should enjoy that more.


Let me ride your dick as you watch my big natural tits bounce in your face Daddy! Let me ride that cum out of your dick Baby.