Owned by me now

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So we are here, you are at my feet in complete mercy. You lost yourself in a horny oblivion and sent over all that information you really didn't want to. You stroked your way deep into submission and now you have become another blackmail slave of mine. You know I can mean and you definitely know I mean business. I made you tremble before but now you are just a quivering wreck. I have you by the balls and there is nothing you can do about it. You begged to be blackmailed over and over and now you have what you ached for it scared you to d.eath. You know I have the power to do whatever I want. I could bring your world down in an instant. You are mine, a little play toy and I will use you at my disposal. The anxiety has overtaken you and you will do anything to please and keep me happy. You begged, you sent and you signed your whole life away and now the power is totally in my hands. When should I start? Where shall I start? Wifey, the boss, your friends even the internet. I have every avenue possible to ensure your downfall..