COSETTE Sucks and Swallows


Brandon Iron

Canadian / Ireland
7:03 min - Jul 28 - .MP4 - 79.12 MB


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Casting video of COSETTE: 21 years old. 5'3" 106lbs. She helps me to pee in a bathroom, aiming my dick at the urinal. Porn was so busy back in the day that we didn't stop shooting for bathroom breaks. Work work work work work. Cosette tells me she's a beach girl. POV blowjob. This girl is far too cute to be sucking off strange men in bathrooms for castings. She confesses to being a spitter in her personal life. Only Boyfriend's cum gets swallowed. Decent face pumps. She's done 7 scenes so far but no swallows on camera. Ball licking and sucking. "All the cum that's going to shoot on my tongue. I'm going to gurgle it around in my mouth and then I'm going to swallow it." White racing stripe of cum laid down on her velvet tongue. She swallows it, looks herself in the mirror and says, "Good job, you cum swallowing whore!"